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SnBN Letter Bag

I'm a huge fan of knitting and also a fan of the book Stitch 'n Bitch Nation. It has some great patterns, including one for an initial bag like those ones you see in the mall. I needed to make a Christmas gift for my penpal, Mari, so I decided to make this. I was very late in finishing it, but I'm sending it to her this weekend.
The colors of yarn in the book weren't in stock at my local yarn store, so I just picked two colors that I thought looked nice together...After I made this, I realized that it looked like an

I was lazy and didn't make the center panel, because doing 40+ inches of garter
stitch gets really boring...

Before felting...

After felting....

And because my table is a bad model...

It looks better when there are actually things inside it, but I like how
it came out. This is the first non-scarf/hat that I've ever made, and I am
freakishly proud of it
. I want to keep it, even though it doesn't have my
initial on it... However much I want it, this is going in the mail soon

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